Our Process
What We Deliver

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten."
— Tony Robbins


Our Process

While the issues facing your business may be complex, our process to help you implement solutions is not.

The Process Systems Improvement (PSI) Plan is a proven method for introducing process improvements that increase productivity and ultimately the profitability of your business.

The secret to implementing successful change is to gain buy-in from all those who will be impacted. At John Engel Consulting we employ an inclusive approach to ensure all members of your staff are involved in the process – from identifying issues to developing solutions.

Our process

  • Initial consultation with brokerage owners to gain a thorough understanding of their overall improvement objectives;
  • Extensive consultation with brokerage management staff to identify specific operational objectives;
  • A series of one-on-one conversations with front line staff to document current processes and identify efficiencies that can be easily introduced to improve productivity.

Throughout the process we employ an inclusive, and most importantly, a transparent approach to ensure widespread support within the brokerage for the identified change(s) ensuring successful implementation.

What we deliver

  • A top-to-bottom approach to information gathering;
  • A detailed report and de-brief session with brokerage management;
  • Recommendations that are specifically tailored to the brokerage;
  • Option to include cost benefit analysis of implementing recommended solutions;
  • Option for ongoing implementation support.